Project Description

Dream Bodies Personal Training is Brisbane’s Premier personal training service. We are renowned for our care and friendliness, as well as our effectiveness. We are your biggest fans in the gym.

We understand what it takes to build the body of your dreams as well as a successful career. We know that time is a valuable resource, and physical and mental energy are key to performing your life’s best work. Using practical and scientifically proven methods, a personalised training program specific to your goals, and advice from coaches with been-there- done-that experience, we help you fulfil your dream of a fitter, healthier and happier you. And we do it all from a band new premium facility in the inner-city suburb of Ashgrove.

Our clients experience radical changes in body composition (lean muscle goes up while body fat goes down), as well as improvements in strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. Our clients report feeling greater levels of energy, focus and motivation in the gym and in other important areas of their lives such as their career or home life.