Project Description

At Living Fitness, our aim is to have a powerful impact on the lives of every person.

We coach. We want to inspire them on a journey of self-discovery to becoming the absolute BEST version of themselves.
We want to help out clients to impact their environment in a positive way. Our clients will benefit so much from the experience with Living Fitness that they will then, in turn, create a legacy of health and fitness for their families, friends and colleagues.
We want to empower our clients to live their life to the fullest and be able to have the energy to do anything they set their mind to.
We want to create a community to where they feel like they belong, they are accepted without judgment as they are.

We bring back the personal to the personal training business. we are health & fitness coaches that will partner our client’s every step of the way along their health and fitness journey.

We will deliver scientific, high end, tailored and individually prescribed health and fitness service to individuals that demand and expect nothing but the best. More than that, we will GENUINELY care about our clients.

Each and every client that we take on board will go through a comprehensive lifestyle and fitness analysis. Each trainer will have a maximum amount of clients that he/she can take on to ensure that each client’s needs are met with the highest standard.

Why do we go into so much detail about the client? Do so many assessments?
Because to understand where the client wants to go, we must first understand where they have come from; what they are capable of doing and any limitations they may have which could prevent or limit their exercise.

We are experts in:

  • General health and fitness
  • Body Composition

  • Injury reduction and management

  • Weight loss and toning

  • Flexibility and Mobility

  • Sports Specific Fitness

  • Weightlifting and Body Building