We help practices grow with smart campaigns that connect marketing to sales. With each practice being different, we make sure that their marketing highlights their point of difference. We help our clients craft promotional offers and campaigns to attract new customers.


Our mission is to deliver results to our clients by providing tailored campaigns that qualify, attract and convert their ideal customers.


We have the necessary solutions for practices to succeed. We see this as helping practice owners being stress-free while achieving their target return on investment.

Our Team

Alexei Kouleshov
Alexei KouleshovManaging Director
With over 14 years experience, Alexei specialises in creating scalable digital solutions in order to help clients achieve their goals. This is done via digital marketing and sales process optimisation.
Kai Yang
Kai YangDigital Marketing Strategist
Kai is the guru behind digital marketing campaigns. His strength is utilising the newest and best tactics in order to help campaigns perform in the best possible way.
Adam Colquhoun
Adam ColquhounGoogle Ads Team Leader
Adam is the Google Ads team leader who specialises in making sure that the right people and resources are utilised on each of the accounts.
Grigory Metlenko
Grigory MetlenkoDevelopments & Operations Manager
Grigory is in charge of the web team and also coordinating project’s scope. He is the man behind the complex integrations and also operations behind Practice Results.
Luke Rankin
Luke RankinBusiness Development
As a Business Development Manager at Practice Results, Luke brings over 10 years of robust Sales and Management experience to the team.
Max Koulakov
Max KoulakovSEO & CRM
Over the past few years Max has evolved from a web developer into an SEO expert and an Infusionsoft consultant. He is the man behind CRM automation and streamlining of the processes.
Jac Davies,
Jac Davies,Social Media
Jac specialises in social media advertising campaigns. These campaigns are powerful when it comes to top of the funnel marketing to create brand awareness and to qualify market audiences.
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