As a digital marketing agency, we provide a number of solutions for practices. Our primary services include digital marketing campaigns that combine a mix of search and social tactics to generate leads. We also provide web development services to provide a strong backbone to our campaigns.

QUICK WIN or Jump Start Campaigns

These campaigns are aimed at creating fast results. We often get approached at the last minute when businesses desperately require leads to sustain sales and overall cashflow.

We achieve this via our unique approach which includes identifying a niche within a business and an ideal client profile. Once we identify this, we define the client’s point of difference and analyse their sales process. Our campaigns allow us to connect our clients with their ideal customers and funnel those leads directly into the sales process. This allows us to generate fast engagement, controlled budget expenditure and high conversion rate.

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OPTIMISE – Choose Your Clients

This is the most popular type of campaigns that we run for our clients. This campaign type is built on the concept of 80/20 and being able to choose your target market. Essentially this is where you take your business from a generalist type of business and turn it into a specialist type of business. This allows you to work with a defined market and increase your profits.

Let’s agree that marketing to everyone isn’t a good idea. Firstly, stretching your budget across all services gets average results. Secondly, the sales conversations for general enquiries aren’t best. Finally, every business has an ideal client that they would love to focus on, so why settle for something else?

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GROW – Scale Your Business

This type of campaigns is ideal if you have a sales team or a growth strategy or both. We utilise a number of different media channels to take your target market through a marketing funnel. This allows us to forecast the number of leads and also scale this according to your goals.

Scaling your business isn’t a marketing only exercise. We engage a number of experts across CRMs, Copywriting and Sales to make these kinds of campaigns work. If you are looking for serious growth, let’s talk.

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