Facebook and Instagram can Work for any Business, but There is a Catch…

Social media marketing is a great way to get a lot of exposure and engage your potential target market. When it comes to lead generation it’s not that simple. While Facebook and Instagram are good ways to get in front of people, converting audiences into prospects requires an understanding of the customer journey. Once this is clear marketing campaigns typically are built in line with that journey.

The catch however is that remarketing can be an issue when it comes to dental practice marketing. Remarketing is required to show ads once the users are qualified through initial interactions. This may kill the entire social media strategy that may work in other industries.

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If you find that running social media ads isn’t working or the leads you are getting aren’t good quality, let’s chat. We can help practices fine-tune their marketing through proven marketing processes and understanding how social media can play a role in a bigger marketing strategy.

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