We often get business owners asking us to take a look at their landing pages and suggest ways of improving it. Today I thought I’d do a quick dentist landing page review.

The landing page we are reviewing today is for a business called Dentistry on George.

YouTube video

From this video, the main points are:

  • An offer is missing. Having a special offer really helps to attract new clients
  • Landing page talks about a convenient location, however, the address only features at the bottom of the page
  • Health funds are a big decision-maker for a lof of the customers, so featuring their logos really helps to get more leads
  • No phone tracking for Google ads

Improving Conversion

The overall design of this page is okay, however in order to improve the conversion of this landing page its important to connect the message with the target audience. This requires a better understanding of the target market and also their needs and wants. Any digital advertising channels allow you to target your audience based on gender, age, income levels and heaps more.

If you are running a campaign and would like your landing page reviewed, please send us an email and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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