Are you paying more than you should for your marketing?

If you don’t know how many patients are coming through your ad campaigns you are paying too much! Being visible on Google and in social media is one thing, but when it comes to calls and bookings, these are the results that really matter.

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How much is too much anyway? If you were paying $40 to get a new patient booked for a $250 check-up in clean that would take half an hour or less, would that be too much? This patient would most likely book again in the next 6-9 months if they liked what you offered them.

Most practices run all sorts of ads without realising what they actually get for the advertising dollars spent. 

Maybe these aren’t the clients you are wanting to start with but you don’t know how to get the right ones. If that’s the case then reducing your advertising isn’t the question you should be asking. Otherwise, there is always a better way to reduce your costs by refining 3 things.

The market that you are targeting. The message or the offer you are pushing to this market and the media that you are using to do this. 

Start by becoming a little more clear on what it is that you are want to get from your marketing.

If you are unsure, simply contact to request a complimentary marketing audit