Clients Don’t Buy on Price, You Sell on Price…

This is the biggest dilemma when it comes to marketing. Yes, marking and sales go hand in hand and if you attract new enquiries the conversation about price will popup sooner rather than later.

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Your goal is to delay the price conversation and focus on the actual customer and their enquiry.

Customers care about much more than price, but the price is something that everyone understands and if you address this first, that can kill a sale (or booking in your case).

So what else can you talk about besides the price? The biggest selling point for “reactive” type clients is your availability. How soon can they come to see you so that you can fix their problem?

Another point to consider is why should they choose you instead of the guy down the road. The experience, expertise and speciality topics are the things that can help you book better clients.

Sales don’t need to be difficult. So if you or your receptionist is struggling with some of the enquiries that are coming through, feel free to reach out to see if we can help you with this. At Practice Results, we offer marketing audits as well as sales training to help dental businesses do better.