Does Your Dental Practice Have a New Patient Offer?

Does your dental practice have a new patient offer? Checkup and clean is one of the common ways for practices to get new patients. With a good follow-up approach, you will end up getting some of these patients back. However, if you discount on the first interaction you may struggle to sell at the price that suits you.

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The truth is that unfortunately, most people are reactive as opposed to proactive. This means that they will be searching for a dentist when they are in pain or need something soon. Because of this common behaviour we recommend basing offers on points like availability or convenience. For example, Need To See a Dentist? Give Us A Call To See If We Can Help You.

This would bring an enquiry from a new patient who is ready to speak with you. With a little sales training, you should be able to book them in easily.

Some of you may say, but what about the price? Well, this is a topic for another one of our videos.

If you are struggling with a new patient offer and would like to learn how we can help your business, simply get in touch with us.