In 2020, we learned how to face the most disruptive event of the century, COVID-19. For even the most resilient of business owners and practice managers, quickly and safely adapting to change was extremely challenging.

Following 2020, anything is possible. In a bold move, we attempt to predict 2021 Marketing Trends For Dental & Legal Practices. 

  • The Year Of The Shop-Around

  • Same Service Expectation and Less Time

  • Digital Marketing Is King 

The Year Of The Shop-Around

Picture this, as a doctor, you might see a patient for a 20-minute initial consultation. However, the patient has been interacting with the practice for three months while on a waitlist, with multiple sessions on the online booking system or on the phone to the administration staff.

Over that waiting period, they continue to search for other practitioners to see if they can find an earlier appointment.

In 2020 we saw the front reception migrate to a website. With more people booking online than ever before and some even for the first time, means shopping around became even easier. 

To harness the disruption, we encourage practitioners to leverage waitlists to improve email lists and acquire new clients and patients. 


Same Service Expectation and Less Time

Managing patient and client expectations is more important than ever in 2021. Limited capacity and fewer face-to-face interactions mean the wait is what matters

Why is this so important to your business? 

Clients and patients are spending more time on waiting lists and in waiting rooms, than they are in the actual appointment.

This means your chance to make a first great impression starts long before your patients and clients walk through the door. 


Three essential tools for your website include: 

  1. The Pop-Up 

The humble pop-up and banner is the ultimate tool for businesses to update their details such as, “yes, we’re still open”, new hygiene measures, longer wait-times, availability for virtual or tele appointments if unwell. 

  1. The Enquiry Form


  1. The Waitlist For New Patients and Clients 

Waitlists continue to be a powerful tool in 2021. Websites equipped with enquiry forms are essential for creating a funnel for patients or clients when further availability comes up. 


Digital Marketing Is King & It’s All In A Name

Remote working conditions and social distancing measures mean that patients need all the information. It needs to be easy to understand, cover the basics and some of the more complicated things, too. 

Have you Googled your own business name recently? 

Some important checkpoints: 

  • Are your business hours correct and up to date?
  • Do you offer Telehealth or Zoom? Is that information on your website?
  • Do you have an online booking system? Is it easy to use?
  • How positive are your reviews? What is your average rating?

Only a quick glance at reviews for any given professionals shows a disproportionate number of unhappy patients and clients. 

Negative reviews often tell a one-sided, inaccurate story. Can you use your database to ask recent clients and patients to leave a review? 

Happy clients do not always remember to come back and leave their thoughts, so a prompt might be all that is needed to get a few more.

Not managing reviews can cost you time and money.

For most professional services, reputation is everything. That’s why one of the cheapest search campaigns is your practice’s name.
We call these Brand searches. If you’re wanting more information on how Brand searches can achieve higher returns for less ad spend, ask the team. 


2020 has redefined the role of marketing for professional services. By keeping an active funnel for new patient and client acquisitions, professionals can create a great impression with less time. Monitoring your online presence is essential. 

Want to find out about how to achieve more results for less advertising spend in 2021? 

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