Why Waitlists Work to Generate Leads While you Wait.

Thank you for waiting. While the physical waiting rooms are looking emptier than ever, why not get a head start for the return to normal with a waitlist full of eager patients?

  • Prepare for when you’ll be busy while you’re currently not
  • Create a sales funnel – pausing non-essential procedures doesn’t mean pausing lead generation
  • Encourage sign-ups with an incentive
  • Keep in contact and keep a finger on the pulse
  • Re-open quickly

Waitlisting is an excellent way to bounce back from COVID-19 as quickly as possible. Is your practice feeling limited by the government’s restrictions on essential and non-essential services? For a lot of practices, things are going to get busy when non-urgent services and procedures resume. We know this because we’re seeing an increase in search behaviour for procedures such as Invisalign.

Why they’re effective:

Waitlists generate leads.

Waitlists create a sales funnel full of leads who are considering a purchase. The path to purchase or booking in a procedure takes a number of steps. Accelerate this process by having interested patients register their details ahead of time

Use the offer to get in contact.

Correct misinformation about essential and non-essential services. For your customer base, it’s a great way to get in contact with your patients.

Use the offer to get their attention and offer information to your existing contacts and new leads detailing what is available to them. In the current climate, it’s a great way to stand out from your competition and maintain your brand awareness.

Impress a positive impact on consumers with an offer.

An offer is positive and let’s face it, there’s a lot of bad news at the moment. In the current climate, freemium, offers discounts are more attractive than ever to consumers.

Health services are more important than ever to consumers.

According to Google insights, consumers are ‘prioritising taking care of themselves and others” as a result of COVID-19. For example, searches for Invisalign were up 550% in early April – which we posted about in 3 Wins for Health Professionals.

Waitlists work.

A waitlist is not a new idea. They’re normally for businesses that are too busy. Use the waitlist to pivot your strategy and prepare for when you’ll be busy while you’re not.  In fact, research shows that consumers are more open to messaging while they wait.

How are you planning for the new normal post COVID-19? If you’re looking for a new strategy, we specialise in out-of-the-box solutions for our clients. If you would like a free consultation, we’re here to help –  get in touch, today.