Public Service Announcement to Dentist and Dental Industries: Voluntary Services & Procedures Back On Following a Downgrade to Level 2 Restrictions from 27 April 2020

It’s all smiles for the dental practices. 

  • Level 3 restrictions have been downgraded commencing 27 April 2020.
  • Practice Results is offering one free month of Google Ads Management for the first month.
  • Generate waiting lists for procedures that are still restricted.
  • Simple website announcements help with “no-shows”.

ADA Official Announcement

We are pleased to announce that “Level 2” services and procedures are back on from the 27th April 2020 for Dental industries.  Here is the like to the official source.

Carmelo Bonanno (ADA president) summarises below:

YouTube video

We Are Offering Marketing Help to Dental Practices

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According to the ADA, Level 2 restrictions are those which are “unlikely to generate aerosols or where aerosols generated have the presence of minimal saliva/blood due to the use of rubber dam.” This includes things like: 

  • Examinations
  • Simple non-invasive fillings without the use of high-speed handpieces
  • Restorative procedures using high-speed handpieces only provided with the use of rubber dam
  • Non-surgical extractions
  • Denture procedures
  • Preventative procedures such as the application of topical remineralising agents e.g. fluoride

For more information, find the ADA’s comprehensive list, here

Waiting Lists to Streamline Future Appointments

We realise that while this is a small step towards things going back to “normal”, there are still many procedures that are restricted. Throughout our support for dental practices, we’ve helped businesses develop a concept of waiting lists to help them streamline future appointments. To learn more about how this could work for your practice, check out our recent blog posts below:

The Power of the Pop-Up – Simple Website Announcements to Make Sure Patients Turn Up

We’ve found that having a simple message on your website regarding the procedures your practice is following for COVID-19 helps to keep patients informed. This, we’ve found in our experience has been very effective over the last few weeks this has been. See an example of this type of announcement here.

In a year of ups and downs, we are proud to deliver some great news for dentists and patients who will soon be able to deliver and receive important dental services.

Now is a great time to encourage patients to use the COVID-19 slow-down to get up-to-date with their dental plan or get started on more time-intensive treatments they’ve been interested in for a while.

Right now, it’s not only important to get back to work, it is a crucial time for dentists to get in contact with their patients to be really clear about how COVID-19 restrictions are affecting your business operations.

If you have any questions about time-efficient communication strategies, pivotal marketing strategies or our one month offer of free Google Ads management, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members.

We know things are changing quickly. We’re here to help – get in touch with us today!